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As a Salesian how can we instill care for our planet? Don Bosco used to take his boys regularly on treks and nature trails. He loved nature and in his early childhood years worked on the farm. Jesus and our blessed Mother spoke to him in his dreams using different animals of nature. We see a deep connection with nature and creation in all his works from care for his poor boys, to taking them on nature treks and spending time outdoors. Don Bosco understood that we are not just part of creation but are one with the Creator and creation.

How can we then go forward with benevolence and without doubt that all created things come from God and must go back to Him for His praise, reverence and service. We must value all the gifts and carry gratitude in our hearts for all God’s creation and the created things we have received from his bounty. This is the attitude we must carry in every Salesian home. We must ask our beloved Blessed Mother to guide our efforts so that we can offer all our labour back to our creator who has bestowed all his blessings upon us.

We are an international collective of young people from Salesian Institutions & Organizations who are passionate about the welfare of our only planet. 

The Letter

A message for our Earth

“We see what is happening, and the worst thing is that we are becoming used to it. This ‘becoming used to’ is a terrible illness.” – Pope Francis.

This documentary focuses on the encyclical letter ‘Laudato Si’ addressed to everyone that the Pope wrote in 2015. Today his message is even more urgent!

This film is presented by YouTube Originals, produced by an Oscar-winning Off The Fence Productions, in partnership with the Laudato Si’ Movement.


About Us

Don Bosco Green Alliance is an international Green Salesian Movement of people from the Salesian Family institutions, who contribute to global environmental action, thought and policy.  Launched in 2018, the alliance is today an active platform where Salesian Family institutions, organisations and individuals exchange ideas and work together on global environmental campaigns all for the ‘Love of Creation.’  Read More...

Priority Areas

Member Activities & Contributions

University Students from the Silva Henríquez Catholic University Cultivate Environmental Awareness and Solidarity in Lo Cañas, Chile

The Silva Henríquez Catholic University, Lo Cañas Campus, Chile, has taken terms such as common good and integral human development to a new level, thanks to the work of its students.

 After having dedicatedly planted medicinal, native and autochthonous plants during the past semesters, this autumn season the seed collection has been carried out.

 These events were carried out within the framework of the curricular activities of the Faculty of Health Sciences, in particular, in the field of phytotherapy, medicinal gardens and the production of natural products by Professor Valeska Leiva.

 With this in mind, the students have not only strengthened the relationship with caring for the environment, but they also obtained self-care tools and the identity of the territory.

 The commitment of these students also extends beyond the boundaries of campus. They are committed to the need to share the knowledge and resources they have acquired with vulnerable communities. Therefore, these harvests mark not only the culmination of their efforts over several semesters but also the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of those who need it most.

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World Water Day at Instituto Dom Bosco, Brazil

Where does water come from? The importance of this resource!

March 22nd is World Water Day. This very important resource was on the agenda of the young people at the Castelinho Dom Bosco Cidade Ademar CCA. On the 25th of the month, they reflected on saving this resource, as well as recognizing the importance of water in our lives and its many uses. With awareness in mind, the children were shown in a playful way how long it takes for water to reach our homes clean.

The class at CCA PROVIM Bom Retiro also reflected on conscious consumption, but drew attention to personal hygiene, and also why we shouldn't stop drinking it, highlighting its importance for our bodies. 

"It was important to learn how to save and value water and how it gets to our house, the activity was very nice." Maria Eduarda, CCA student.

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An awareness lesson on waste disposal with the LOGA class at the Instituto Dom Bosco (Brazil) March Parade

"A garbage collector is a garbage collector!"

 On March 22, the month's Technical Parade was held at the Bom Retiro headquarters. The Castelinho Cidade Ademar and Vila Paulistana classes were present for the training, as well as the Center's Educators. After some reflections on dreams, the theme of the opening and also commemorating the anniversary of the Institute, Brother José Carloto (Zézo) said: "Nothing happens outside of us if it doesn't start within us!". Next, the training session on the theme of sustainability was led by the Don Bosco Green Alliance group, who invited Diogenes Pereira, from LOGA - Logística Ambiental de São Paulo S.A., the company responsible for collecting, transporting, treating and finally disposing of household and health waste in the north-western region of America's most populous city, São Paulo (with the exception of the CEDESP group who took part in the training for professional learning centers run by the Salesian Network Brazil).

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Ecological Event at Salesian Technical School, Tainan, Taiwan

Following is a report of an ecological event held by Salesian Technical School, Tainan, Taiwan - 

On the day of 2024.04.03, a total of 32 teachers and students from Hong Kong Catholic Sisters Siu Ming Secondary School, led by Sister Ong, visited the school for the "Taiwan Conservation Spirituality Experience Tour".

The principal of our school, Chen Suzhen, and the auxiliary director, Father Ruan Guoxuan, led the Salesian Youth Association students to receive the distinguished guests. The principals have always encouraged the students of the two schools. We are both schools under the Salesian Order. We are like a big family and have a brotherhood and sisterhood. We hope that through exchanges of different cultures and educational backgrounds, we can bring more enlightenment to today's "Environmental Education Journey". Give each other different experiences and learning.

The purpose of this trip is to respond to the call of the Encyclical Laudato Si' issued by Pope Francis in 2015 and the "Laudato Si' Action Platform" started in May 2021, inviting us to use a holistic ecological approach. Ethos, committed in different ways to actions that move our groups towards fully sustainable development.

It also responds to the theme of the 2024 Salesian Mission Day: "Care for God's Creation: Our Mission", creating a platform for exchanges and giving students from the two schools the opportunity to have dialogue on environmental conservation.

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CEST, Chile continues to establish a culture of Care for the Planet

From March 18 to 22, and within the framework of Water Day, CEST (Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca) in Chile held the Week of Planet Care, whose objective was to motivate students and families to be protagonists of concrete actions or tasks that tend to the care and preservation of the planet, emphasizing the respect and care that should be taken with our environment.

During this week, activities were developed with students of all modalities, which promoted awareness of environmental care, where the first step should be their home and school. The kindergarten students worked in tree modes, and participated in a play called "aventura eco-amigable" (eco-friendly adventure); in the basic education modality, they worked with drawings alluding to the environment. The elementary school students worked with drawings alluding to environmental care as a way to prepare works in the subject of language, whose theme was the care of the planet. And for all the teaching modalities, a special Good Morning was held in the framework of Water Day, where a video was presented on the relevance of caring for the environment.

Nicolás Ulloa, science teacher and head of the Environmental Care Committee, recalled that the environment is the surroundings centered on the biodiversity of species, which include natural and artificial elements that are related to each other and can be seen in the environment, and that can be modified by human behavior. Hence, the importance of raising awareness of the importance of the care of the Planet.

At the Good Morning on March 20 at the North Campus and March 21 at the South Campus, emphasis was placed on the spirituality of the environment and the challenges facing Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca. At the North Campus, the message was given by professors Carla Farías and Jimena Rojas; and at the South Campus by Professor Francisco Sepúlveda, who pointed out that the spirituality of the environment invites us to recognize the interconnection between all forms of life and the environment that surrounds us.

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CEST, Chile students will participate in an electrical and electronic waste recycling project at UCM

In the framework of managing internships with higher education centers in careers or modules related to the specialties of the CEST, and to install a culture of environmental care, five students from the Centro Educativo Salesianos Talca (CEST), Chile are participating in the Technological Reconversion Project being developed by the Universidad Católica del Maule (UCM). The objective of the project is for students to acquire knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially in relation to electrical and electronic waste and understand their environmental impact, in order to develop awareness of the need to recycle and reuse.

Students Vicente Illanes and Cristóbal Montecinos from 4°C, and students Bairon Núñez, Maximiliano Mancilla and Julián Morales from 4°E joined this project by attending the first class-laboratory on April 2nd, and so every Tuesday afternoon, in the UCM classrooms, together with the UCM students, during April and May 2024.

The students will participate in satisfaction surveys, to incorporate improvements in future implementations of the methodology. This project will end on May 16 with a closing day between UCM and CEST.

 The people in charge of implementing this project from CEST are Luis Saavedra, coordinator of the Technical Professional Area and Lucas Olave, in charge of the Electricity Production Sector; and from the Universidad Católica del Maule, Mary Carmen Jarur Muñoz, an academic from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

 This environmental care proposal responds to the global challenges related to the management of electronic waste and the implementation of sustainable development goals, and is also aligned with the regional and national reality, demonstrating the commitment of UCM and CEST to sustainable development and the training of professionals aware of their impact on the environment.

Blog Articles

We're excited to announce a new partnership. On March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph, the Don Bosco Green Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jugend Eine Welt for the promotion of the "Back to Nature" campaign.

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Planting trees on concrete land requires some extra effort compared to planting in soil, but it's still possible. Here's a basic guide:

1. Choose the Right Tree: Select a tree species that is resilient and can adapt to the harsh conditions of growing in concrete. Look for trees with shallow root systems and drought tolerance.



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