Children's Eco Corner

DBGA introduces Children's Eco-Corner! A collection of ideas with images to promote eco activities among children. You can use these images on your institution's social media channels or tag us @dbgreenalliance when your students follow these activities.

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Eco-Catechesis for Children 

Welcome to 'Creation Corner' – a place of wonder and awe which encourages ecological connections to faith and invites children to reflect on their part in creation. 

'Creation Corner' links to the K-2 Religious Education curriculum as part of CEDoW's 'Pray School' video series that appeals to the spirituality of the child through storytelling, listening, responding and making connections to life.

See all our 'Creation Corner' segments, 'Pray School' videos and further CEDoW Wollongong Environment Network (WEN) resources at

'Creation Corner' Episodes

Wonderful World - Lent Resource 2023 -
Tree Nursery-Presentation.pptx

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